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Just sharing with you some more photos of Nissa’s family when they took a three-day  road trip to Baler, Aurora. I always love those photos when I seem them enjoying the site and the place. If only I could post the videos here while they were at the waterfall.

Look at their happy faces probably anticipating an afternoon of beach walk and  swimming. Sun and sea – what a perfect combination.

I had a good laugh at this one, seeing  Nate balancing himself. Identical shirts? Haha!

Stage parents? Haha. I think Nissa and Obet enjoyed more than Nate did.

Cool! The Tondo boy looking more astig than his Dad.  What a really lovely place.

A typical Nate post. He learned it while attending a workshop a few months ago.

Ah, and this. A beautiful sunrise, a serene sea, a calm morning. It must be lovely to just walk and feel the morning breeze while watching the sun rises.

The song goes, “the deep blue sea”. Baler, when will I see your shores?


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It’s been a while.

Come Tuesday next week, November 22, our baby Nate is turning four.  They  had their yearly road trip in Subic, Zambales this weekend.  Nate loves the beach. I talked to him a while ago and he said he enjoyed it.  He actually doesn’t want to come home yet but they’ve been there since Thursday afternoon. It is such a joy to see him  so happy.


Sand, sea and sun. What more could you ask?






nates-beach-outing16The family enjoying a swim.


Right on Nate, enjoy ba?

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Camayan Beach Resort Hotel

It seems like it was only yesterday when I blogged about him as a baby.  He is now a talkative, bubbly and smart four-year old.


At Zoobic Safari


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