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Posting some larger photos of Nate which Nissa took yesterday during the former’s PE field demo.

Haha, when he is not smiling he is making faces.

the typical Nate smile 🙂


Mommy and Nate


He is definitely taller than his classmates.

He learned that pose during his workshop at Trimedia International.

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He said “pagod na ako”  meaning he is already tired so he got a pillow and watched television instead. He knows what channel Nickelodeon is.   Took this series of shot on my tab while he was serious about watching and making faces later.

The garden is precious to Nate. He always visits it every time they are here. He loves picking calamansi. 


Why are you frowning? Alanganing ngiti.


He has lots of toy trucks but he loves this old collection of Josef. He had it safe in his pocket when they went home.


Precious moments with Nate. Precious time spent playing and visiting the garden.

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As I want to retain the pictures in hi-resolution format, I am posting them  here. Nate just received three medals this school year.

So proud of you baby. He got three medals – With High Honors (with a 95-97 average), Best English Speaker and Best in Singing. I have yet to hear him sing. When he was about three, he would invent words then he will sing. I miss those days.


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Can’t pass this up without greeting you on your 5th birthday.

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE! Can’t believe it, you’re now five years old. I remember the early days, us making memories. I remember the times you were just learning to walk and to talk legibly. I remember your stories that always start with “One day…..” I remember those moments we laughed together while playing with your toys here.

Turning five

May you grow to be strong, smart, healthy and loving and may you continue to possess that innocence so endearing to see in a lovable child that you are. And I wish you all the precious things that a loving Nonna could wish for.

You are God’s wonderful blessing to us. Happy birthday. Love you so much.

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He is now officially in pre-school and we are all excited.

Nate first day in pre-school

Nate and I talked on Viber last night for about a minute, I think. He shouted, “I am going to school tomorrow” in that excited voice of his and I can’t help but laugh. Our precious one is now officially a nursery student.  Time flies, how amazing!

A few winks, laughter here and there, shouting over the phone with  I love you’s, a lot of begging to pick kalamansi or play in the park, telling stories that sometimes Nonna could not grasp  because you speak in rapid fire excitement, opening the refrigerator door because you are curious what Nonna has prepared for you, asking to take down that big plastic bag of toys and you would say, “make me a house Nonna”, appreciating the food set on the table by always saying “yummy”. I guess aside from the usual Mommy and Daddy words, the word yummy was the first one you learned to speak.

They are happy times with Nate, little adventures that speak of family life that’s full of love.

Nate first day in pre-school1

And here is how Nate looks when he is enjoying something, that typical smile and that somehow serious mien.

You look good  in a school uniform baby. Make Nonna proud 🙂

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I had a lovely bonding with Nate when they came over yesterday for a visit.  My daughter and son-in-law went to the dentist so I was left  with Nate with just the yaya. Unmindful of the camera, he played on his own with colorful blocks that he said he will make into an airplane, a house for me (haha), car and other objects that he could think of with matching sounds and shouts that a typical almost three-year old can do.



Watching  him with those playful and serious expressions on his face was a joy. My camera was set on a fast-moving mode but I was not able to catch up with how fast he moved and assembled his toys sometimes according to colors and sometimes according to size.


Kids are so creative nowadays. They learn fast and they learn much in a short time.  I haven’t seen him for about a month but I was amazed at how he has grown.  Our only contact  was occasionally talking over the phone during weekends.



There was this instance when I said “I love you Nate” over the phone and I was really surprised when he answered, “I love you too”.  Yesterday I told him I’ve missed him a lot and he said “miss you too”.  Hahaha, he is learning.  When he alighted from the car, that was followed  by a tight hug and a wet kiss.


We picked calamansi later, on his insistence and he smiled and clapped every time he picked one. Never mind that the ones he picked were still too small.  Just watching him smelling the lemony scent of the calamansi flowers was a joy too.


He kept asking where his mom and dad were and we reminded him that they went to the dentist. Then he said, “dentist din ako”  while showing his teeth to me. What he meant was, he would also like to go to the dentist and have his teeth cleaned. The wisdom of a child.





What will it be this time? Play ball with Nonna? The joys of being a grandma – precious moments indeed.

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I don’t know why but as far as I can remember, our little Nate has always been fascinated with hats. There was a time when they came over to visit me and he was wearing a white cap. As soon as they alighted from the car, he removed it from his head and handed it to me like he was offering a lovely gift. Here’s another picture of him wearing hats when they brought him to the office of her mom and dad on Halloween.

the hat boy

Here’s another one,  a hat made of a towel they brought to Dumaguete .

Comfy baby?

Comfy baby?

Hahaha...he 's wearing the Crocs slippers I gave him last year.

Hahaha…he ‘s wearing the Crocs slippers I gave him last year.

And Nissa says it is his favorite footwear at the moment. You look lost in that big chair 🙂

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Thinking about Nate’s birthday party the other day, I can’t help but smile. Young and old alike, (more on the older set, I guess) we  joined hands in thanksgiving. We smiled, we shouted, we clapped  and acted like kids in front of  everyone. The joys of celebrating a first birthday 🙂

It’s another chapter in our baby’s life. He won’t probably remember it now but in a few more years, he would cherish the memories and may smile at the thought of seeing both kids and adults having fun on his first birthday. It was held at Shakey’s Malate just across Manila  baywalk. The rain didn’t stop us from having  fun, meeting old friends and relatives whom we haven’t seen for quite a while. They have an official photographer but I took some shots of the occasion. I admire Nissa for planning it, making sure that everything would be okay just like what she did with her wedding two years ago. She is a bit OC when it comes to family occasions  like this, attending to every detail of the event.


Nate’s tarp. Love how they arranged all those superhero characters.


Prize giveaways and loot bags for the kids.



Look, they are all wearing costumes 🙂


Go, go  Batkid, let the party begins.


And Spider boy (Nate’s cousin) is more excited than the birthday celebrator.


The guy in orange shirt was their program host. He was good, motivating the kids to participate and he could really sing…hahaha!


Waiting in anticipation for the games to begin.


Ready, set, go!


The proverbial question is “what do you want to be when you grow up?”


And the kids really came in their lovely superhero costumes.


Look at that lovely baby girl in her eye-catching Darna get-up. She could give Vilma Santos a run for her money….hahaha!


Nate’s birthday cake which was delivered a little late for the start of the party.


Marisse, Nissa’s college classmate, best friend and Nate’s Ninang.


Their cupcake giveaways were designed like superheroes too.


Let me walk Daddy. Dad and son and they even have identical shirts.


That’s Shakey’s mascot dancing to the beat of……..?


Time to make a wish and blow the candle Nate.


Look at that serious expression on his face. He was fascinated by the firecracker lit up on top of the cake.


Nate, where are you? He really can’t decide which gift to open first.


You love that blue bag baby? Let’s see what’s inside.



Ah, brand new pair of shoes. It looks  as if he could read the label on the shoes. I guess they’re still too big for you.


And the loot bag, Superman cape, drinking bottle and  puzzle inside the bag plus my prize (the blue plastic carry all) which I’m planning to use for my stick on paper collection.

These high-res pics are all from my camera. The official photos are not yet delivered.  It was a lovely 1st birthday celebration, nothing but the best for our little Nate. I love you baby 🙂

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Our big guy is  11 months old today, another month to go before the big day which we are all looking forward to.

8rDFIsidro8641They were here last Saturday and as usual, I had a grand time playing with him while my daughter and son-in-law  went shopping for a costume that he would wear on his 1st birthday.  I took videos and I have to change my SD card for a new one because it was full.  He can stand on his own now but I noticed he was afraid to touch his feet on the bare floor, he could dance though for a few seconds on his own, atop the bed, that is.  And as always, I was fascinated. Every development on Nate’s growth is so precious to me.  Nissa never fails to celebrate his birth month. Time flies, it seems only yesterday that we were so excited awaiting his birth but there is a different kind of inexplicable joy seeing him grow up.



Oh my, oh my! He was doing this since he was four months old. You can’t just leave him on his own even for a few seconds when he is not asleep and when they are here, he doesn’t even take a nap. Pakitang gilas Nate?


I know, I know, when you’re old enough to see this, you’ll probably laugh and say, “Nonna is so obsessed”. I wouldn’t mind really because I love to document everything in your young life.

Happy 11th month baby 🙂 I love you so much.

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I was laughing out loud when I saw the series of shots I took of baby Nate when they came over yesterday for a visit. Mom was simply amazed how fast he has grown. The last time she saw him, he was just a week old.

It was not just rolling over that he has come to boast lately. He is one determined little guy, trying to lift himself  (mom says he  probably would love to sit)  even if he can only balance his head and feet at the same time. So much for a baby who just turned four months three days ago.




As soon as you put him down, he would roll over and push his two feet  like this. Never mind that he gets red in the face  from too much exertion to get his butt up 🙂 Nissa says it  is his daily exercise.  Then he would smile  and seems to say “How’s that Nonna, aren’t you proud of me?”



Did I do well Nonna?”  I just smile and tell myself I miss him a lot. I took more pictures to tide me over until their next visit.

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