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Just can’t pass this up. It’s Nate’s smiles and infectious grin that made Christmas 2014 something to treasure and cherish for always.

Nate with his new buddy Mickey :)

Nate with his new buddy Mickey 🙂

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Yes, I am posting these pics before January 01, 2013 ends in a few hours. Imagine going gaga taking more pics of my grandson when they came over to spend part of the new year with me.  He could charm you with his smile and direct gaze but  he didn’t sleep the whole time they were here so our bonding was – me, inventing new dance steps and singing unimaginable songs  and Nate, nodding his head off but he would open his eyes every time I try to put him down.


And you thought he was deeply asleep, right? Wrong. He covered his eyes and pretended he was. Smart kid. But I love this pose, he looks so innocent. Love you baby 🙂

blurred - Nate1

Ah, the lovable Nate, showing his nice smile to Nonna. I hope you’ll grow up to be as smart and intelligent as your Mommy. A few minutes before they went home, he could not keep his eyes open. Look at that double chin. According to Nissa, he now weighs 10 lbs. You’re simply amazing baby, you are showing  the world that everything is okay now and I affirm that.


I love this picture too, he seemed to be saying, “I am a little sleepy Nonna but I want to play with you”. I marvel at the thought that this little bundle just gives so much joy to all of us.

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