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He is now officially in pre-school and we are all excited.

Nate first day in pre-school

Nate and I talked on Viber last night for about a minute, I think. He shouted, “I am going to school tomorrow” in that excited voice of his and I can’t help but laugh. Our precious one is now officially a nursery student.  Time flies, how amazing!

A few winks, laughter here and there, shouting over the phone with  I love you’s, a lot of begging to pick kalamansi or play in the park, telling stories that sometimes Nonna could not grasp  because you speak in rapid fire excitement, opening the refrigerator door because you are curious what Nonna has prepared for you, asking to take down that big plastic bag of toys and you would say, “make me a house Nonna”, appreciating the food set on the table by always saying “yummy”. I guess aside from the usual Mommy and Daddy words, the word yummy was the first one you learned to speak.

They are happy times with Nate, little adventures that speak of family life that’s full of love.

Nate first day in pre-school1

And here is how Nate looks when he is enjoying something, that typical smile and that somehow serious mien.

You look good  in a school uniform baby. Make Nonna proud 🙂

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