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My daughter Nissa posted this on her wall today and I was deeply touched reading it. It was like those times when I uttered similar words to both of my two kids when they were small. It’s wonderful to be a mom and the feeling  intensifies  with each day that you see your kids growing up, learning something new and showing you how they love you back in their own little ways.

Nate’s 8th! Happy birthday my darling boy! Since you came, my life has been one big, exciting roller coaster ride. I don’t wanna get off – ever!  🙂  I love you ‘nak!

I haven’t blogged for a while  and there are lots of pictures that I took of  baby Nate  since my last post here.  He is growing up so fast.



Took these pictures on his seventh month. Love the toothless smile.

Nate and Nissa

Obet, my son-in-law took this shot during Nate’s first trip to the supermarket. I told Nissa to always wipe the handle of the shopping cart with alcohol if it can’t be helped that they bring him along in public places like this. I read somewhere that shopping carts are one of the dirtiest we have around and parents don’t even realize this because I always see kids riding on it every time we go shopping.

Happy 8th month Nate, love you so much baby 🙂

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Last Sunday was our baby Nate’s first time to go out swimming. The whole family (Obet’s side) went to Pansol, Laguna. Nissa said  it was just a private pool but judging from the pictures she sent me, I guess  both of them were  more excited than our baby. I love that Mickey Mouse swimming gear 🙂

Nate is five months and two weeks old now, time to start on those weekend escapades?  Love you Nate, miss you so much.

Nate goes swimming

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