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Just can’t pass this up. It’s Nate’s smiles and infectious grin that made Christmas 2014 something to treasure and cherish for always.

Nate with his new buddy Mickey :)

Nate with his new buddy Mickey 🙂

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Nate was exactly five-week old when he was christened yesterday at Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish Church with six pairs of godparents who are close friends and relatives of Obet and Nissa.  I guess he was the youngest baby among  little kids and babies baptized yesterday.  He was asleep for almost four hours and we all laughed when he briefly opened his eyes when  the priest baptized him then went to sleep again and stayed asleep for an hour more when we reached the house.  

I love how he smiles  even when his eyes are closed and when you talk to him, he trains his eyes on you as if he could see clearly.  I know that at his age, he can only see blurred visions of black and white and his pediatrician  says that red is also a good color to stimulate babies.

Here are the pictures I took before, during and after his christening. His Tito Josef  took videos of the whole rites even while Nate was taking a bath. Lots of memories for our dear baby Nate.

(Please click each picture to enlarge)

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Today marks the start of our baby’s Christian life when he was baptized this morning   at Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish Church  in Manila. I can’t help but take pictures of his christening gown.  I took lots  actually – before, during and after the ceremony. This could be a family heirloom for Nissa and Obet and the future Isidro kids if they will be blessed with more children. This is actually designed for a baby boy but one can always replace the cute necktie with flowers or ribbons for girls.




It’s done in Ecru complete with a cute baby bonnet and a set of booties. And  here’s how our baby looks in it. I took  this inside the church, he was asleep the whole time  but that is an altogether different story.


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