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It was one of those days again that I always looked forward to, seeing Nate after a month of just occasionally saying hi and hello at Viber. Every time they come over, I get to notice how he has grown in a month (he doesn’t look like a toddler anymore but a young boy), I get to notice how much he has learned. The playfulness is still there though and sometimes, Nissa gets to shout out loud because he is always running around. It is quite hard to take photos of him now but I managed to take some shots before they left.

Look at that, he seemed so engrossed making doodles on my notebook.




He readily gave up drawing though when he saw us watching a video on Nissa’s phone. Still holding his pencil, he watched the four-year old boy talking rapidly and pointing to a computer screen like he was a pro.





As if it was not enough, he has to raise his foot atop the bed to get a better look. I showed him the pics later and he just smiled. It really made my day…making memories with the family 🙂

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