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Our big guy is  11 months old today, another month to go before the big day which we are all looking forward to.

8rDFIsidro8641They were here last Saturday and as usual, I had a grand time playing with him while my daughter and son-in-law  went shopping for a costume that he would wear on his 1st birthday.  I took videos and I have to change my SD card for a new one because it was full.  He can stand on his own now but I noticed he was afraid to touch his feet on the bare floor, he could dance though for a few seconds on his own, atop the bed, that is.  And as always, I was fascinated. Every development on Nate’s growth is so precious to me.  Nissa never fails to celebrate his birth month. Time flies, it seems only yesterday that we were so excited awaiting his birth but there is a different kind of inexplicable joy seeing him grow up.



Oh my, oh my! He was doing this since he was four months old. You can’t just leave him on his own even for a few seconds when he is not asleep and when they are here, he doesn’t even take a nap. Pakitang gilas Nate?


I know, I know, when you’re old enough to see this, you’ll probably laugh and say, “Nonna is so obsessed”. I wouldn’t mind really because I love to document everything in your young life.

Happy 11th month baby 🙂 I love you so much.

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