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Last Saturday, April 29 was Recognition Day in Nate’s school. It was a separate event from the graduation of the higher year. According to Nissa, they no longer give separate medals to students who excel in different subjects except for the graduating students. They give medals though to outstanding students in different grades. Nate got two, Best in English and High Honors Awards. I am not surprised because Nate is bilingual, he speaks both Tagalog and English fluently. Here are some photos of the event.

That’s how he looks in his
school uniform.
Proud of this boy. He earns medals every year since kindergarten.
Proud parents of course.

Congratulations NATE. Nonna misses you❤❤🥰🥰🎈🎈

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I am saving photos of Nate here during their first communion last Friday. He is growing so tall for his age.

He is only nine years old but he looks like a grown-up.
With his dad and mom.
He was one of the readers during the mass. CONGRATULATIONS NATE🙂 So proud of you.

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I took a lot of pictures of Nate when he and Obet were here last March while Nissa was in the hospital.

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Kids and students here are still in the online mode in their schooling.

So far Nate has done well for the last two quarters. They don’t have ranking in honors though this school year. I am sharing his grades here.

Just to summarize because the online photo is so small:

Christian Living and Character Education – 95

Mother Tongue – 95

Filipino – 96

English – 97

Mathematics – 98

Araling Panlipunan – 96

Conduct – A

So proud of this little guy. He is in grade 2 now.

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