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It’s one of those days again. I am just happy and feel  so proud that our little Nate has maintained his grades this third grading period.

Nissa just forwarded to me photos of his report card and awards.  He needs though to exercise self-control. He is just so active and talkative in class.  He always initiates conversations Even when we are at the mall, he says hi to people he meets in the stores.

I read somewhere in a research that a child’s intelligence takes after the mom. Is this true? Nissa was a consistent honors student  from kindergarten to college. she graduated Magna Cum Laude.  

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It’s been a long time since I posted here.  The recent ones are all re-blogged from my main site, Dreams And Escapes.

Nissa finally got Nate’s grades and awards for the first grading this school year.  Nonna is proud and happy Nate. You made it.

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Nissa took this shot two weeks ago. It’s Nate’s short, short hair cut for the summer days. I posted it as my profile photo and it earned a lot of comments and likes.  It’s the first time since he was a year old that he has his hair trimmed this short.  Nate is our little “binata” now.

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Yesterday was another milestone in Nate’s life and in ours too, his family.

It was a lovely celebration of Moving Up at the Manila Hotel, a two-hour program where they sang and danced.  They didn’t have this honors awards but Josef got two awards, Best in Reading and best In Science. So proud of you baby. I remember those days when your mom was like your age. I started her in kindergarten instead of nursery school but she got the first honors and a gold medal. Bank in high school and in college I was up the stage every recognition day and graduation. She graduated  Magna Cum Laude.  Hoping you will too when you grow up. I can’t help but post these lovely photos of yours.

how lovely getting those gold medals.


A close-up shot of our future pilot.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are now on our final approach into Manila. This is your Capt. Nate speaking….


Nissa, a proud mommy up the stage. Sarap ng feeling di ba?


meeting a real pilot in the hotel. Are you shy baby?


the proud parents with the new graduate.

I am so proud of you baby. So happy for you 🙂  Moving up soon to nursery school Make it good.




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This is quite a late update. I have lots of photos  of my grandson courtesy of Nissa but I don’t always seem to be able to blog about them. Nate’s grades during the third grading period were a great improvement from the second one. He is surely adjusting to school life.

Yes, his grades have significantly gone up for the  third quarter term. So proud of our boy.  I remember that time during his first two weeks in class when he would not want to be left behind  by his mom or his paternal grandmother. He is enjoying his class now, his teachers and his classmates.

A few  more days to go and you’re done with nursery school Nate.





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We finally saw  Nate’s report card  on the second grading period. So, so proud of him. he is doing really well although he is just in nursery school.


Multiple intelligence leaning towards math and creative arts.

Multiple intelligence leaning towards math and creative arts.

And here’s what  the teacher say about him.


Yeay for good behaviour Nate.

An almost perfect score.

An almost perfect score.

A toast to a very smart little boy. I love you baby.

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So now, you’ve just turned four. Happy birthday  baby. I know you are no longer a baby, you have grown. I am glad you have reached this age where we could converse  and talk to each other well.  It is always nice to hear your voice over the phone and to see you when you come over for a visit.

Time flies! Now you can relate with us like a four-year old does.  I promised myself that I would write about your growing up years remember?  Yes, I remember those times when you visit us and we would play together and shout. I remember those times we spend at the garden to pick up calamansi for you to bring home. I remember those times you always say “yummy” when we have our lunch together. Those are priceless moments indeed.

There are more journeys that we will take and discover.  There are more things that you’ve got to learn.  There are more adventures that we will undertake. In all these, I wish you all the happiness, good health and plenty of love around you.  I wish you everything good that a loving Nonna could wish for.

We are so blessed and lucky to have you around. Happy Birthday 🙂


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There is a different kind of joy when you are around a kid like Nate.  We are indeed so blessed to have him in our lives.

I taught Nate how to say three with his fingers but he found it hard to raise his three fingers all at the same time so I told him, “two plus one” using two fingers on the left and one on the right. He laughed and when I asked him “how old are you?” he said “three, three, three”. Oo nga naman, it is easier to say them in words, right Nate? Smart boy 🙂

We were both admiring their small aquarium  and I asked him if the fish inside have names. He smiled, pointed at each one and said, “Nonna, Josef, Mommy, Daddy, Nathan….” Sometimes, I am simply amazed how he makes me smile.

We were singing happy birthday while he was blowing the spare candle on his birthday cake and he was singing a little louder than we were. A the end of the song, he added, “happy birthday Nathan“.  Then he bestowed the usual wet kisses and warm hugs on each of us. Priceless moments of joy.

May you always be blessed little one. You are a wonderful blessing to us all.

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The joy of seeing Nate again.

Yes, we were early going to their place since Josef has to attend their office party early evening. As usual, there is no dull moment when Nate is around. It’s a “Cars” themed party. They bought him a motorized racer  car and he was so happy  driving it and showing it off to us. Red  was the color of the day.

Nate on his wheel

Nate's 3rd birthday cake

He can’t wait to blow the candles so Nissa allowed him to blow the spare one.  He closed his eyes, blew it and clapped his hands. We were all laughing with him.

nate's birthday1

It’s kind of funny that he received die-cast metal cars from Josef, a backpack bag from me with a picture of a red car but we didn’t know that Nissa thought of having the theme “cars”. She designed Nate’s birthday cake allowing Nate to add some trimmings on it.

Of course, he has to wear his race car outfit again for the photo-op. It is perfect for the theme.

Nate's 3rd birthday

Nate's birthday

Of course the fun won’t be complete without the family photo. He was just happy and we were all happy for him.

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This is a late post actually and it’s long overdue. Our baby turned two last November 22, 2014. Time flies! He is now a talkative two-year old. Sometimes  he speaks in straight English (two or three words in a sentence mostly)  but he also knows how to speak Tagalog.  Nissa and I took some shots when they spent lunch here and when they visited Avilon Zoo.

Where are the candles?

Where are the candles?

Yes, this is his favorite character and he was made to blow the candle several times before Nissa could get the shot right 🙂

Look how serious he is in opening his gifts while his Ninong looks on.

Look how serious he is in opening his gifts while his Ninong looks on.

Wondering what's in the box!

Wondering what’s in the box! And look at the smile on his face…


Wow! It's a car, he shouted.

Wow! It’s a car, he shouted.

He says, "ang bigat" (it's heavy) while trying to lift the box.

He says, “ang bigat” (it’s heavy) while trying to lift the box.

Excited to see the animals Nate?

Excited to see the animals Nate?

Look mommy!

Look mommy!

I think that is the same cockatoo I saw before five years ago.

I think that is the same cockatoo I saw before five years ago.

Feeding the rabbits...

Feeding the rabbits…

What are you smiling at Daddy? Let's go inside...

What are you smiling at Daddy? Let’s go inside…

A week ago, they spent the night here and we had a good laugh while we watched him sing, shout and do some story-telling. As usual, he would start it with “one day……” then he smiles. The sweet smile is the end of the story,  ha-ha!


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