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Nate’s way of making a hot day tolerable. He made that glass of yummy smoothie using whipped cream, soy milk, Oreo cookies and marshmallow.

Look at that smile!
And a glass should be enough Nate

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Nissa sent me a few pics while Nate is with her in the office. Nobody could take care of him at home since Obet’s mom is in Baguio. School year is over. Tomorrow is Recognition Day in their school. They’ll go back to their own home after the event.

Nissa says he is bored doing nothing. He should have brought some books aside from his tab.
Practicing Nate?

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They came here yesterday to celebrate New Year with us.

After lunch, Nate said, “can we go out at the garden Nonna?”

I asked him why and he added, “I want to pick kalamansi”. That’s Philippine lime.

I told him they are still so small so I showed our two jackfruits.

Can we play instead?” . Then he began making faces and his signature sign which is thumbs up. He has grown so tall and a little more chubby since the last time they stayed here March last year. I took some photos of course..

It is always a thrill having Nate around. When will we see each other again?

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