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So now, you’ve just turned four. Happy birthday  baby. I know you are no longer a baby, you have grown. I am glad you have reached this age where we could converse  and talk to each other well.  It is always nice to hear your voice over the phone and to see you when you come over for a visit.

Time flies! Now you can relate with us like a four-year old does.  I promised myself that I would write about your growing up years remember?  Yes, I remember those times when you visit us and we would play together and shout. I remember those times we spend at the garden to pick up calamansi for you to bring home. I remember those times you always say “yummy” when we have our lunch together. Those are priceless moments indeed.

There are more journeys that we will take and discover.  There are more things that you’ve got to learn.  There are more adventures that we will undertake. In all these, I wish you all the happiness, good health and plenty of love around you.  I wish you everything good that a loving Nonna could wish for.

We are so blessed and lucky to have you around. Happy Birthday 🙂


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I have accumulated so many photos of Nate the last several months but  sharing a story with what we do when they come for a visit makes me smile. These are series of shots that I took with my tab while watching him  choosing what to read in his own little corner of our bookshelf.

Here’s our little bookworm…..at work.

Nate13 edited

He could not reach the bookshelf yet so he dragged a plastic stool to get his books.

Nate12 edited

Look how he is balancing his feet , I guess you need a few more inches Nate 🙂

Nate1 edited

Success….counting if they are complete.

Nate8 edited

Which one to read first? That’s a real “big problem”  baby.
Nate9 04-30-16
Story time….listen Nonna.
Nate7 edited
Shall it be the ABC book or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?
Nate6 edited
Arranging them according to size. May pinagmanahan ata etong batang eto. He is so organized  🙂
I am done Nonna, can we play now? He removed the gardenia blooms and asked why there is water inside the vase. I replied, “to make them fresh”.






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Here I go again thinking how time flies and when it does, you reminisce and remember the things you should have written down.

Today, Nate turns three years and three months old. What a far cry from when he was just three months and all we had were Brainy Babies DVDs to entertain him.  I am excited to teach him new things but sometimes, it’s the other way around. You learn a lot from a three-year old.

Last Saturday, they came over for a visit and we had a grand time playing together while his mom and dad took a nap.  He seldom sleeps when they are here, maybe he is too excited to discover new things too. He knows where his toys are kept so he opened the cabinet and pointed at the big plastic bag and asked me to bring it down. He has two small robots here that he often play with when they visit. I showed him his books but he got one of my paperbacks and pretended to read. Someday, I hope he’d be a voracious reader too just like his mom and Nonna.

It was almost two hours of learning shapes and colors and playing with stuff toys in between. “Help me Nonna please” he said while trying to figure out how to assemble the shape box, identify and putting  the blocks inside. He knows his colors and can now count easily from one to ten.  I took some shots with my cellphone  since I was not able to charge my Canon camera. They were a bit grainy but perfectly captured those moments while he was so engrossed playing.




He was too enthusiastic about sharing what he does at home now that he has no yaya.  Nissa’s mother-in-law takes care of him now. At least at his age, he can play on his own.  He told me that he watches TV too (so I told him not to watch TV so much because it would strain his eyes), play with his Avengers toys and his cars and robots.  Later, I asked him if he wanted ice cream and I was surprised when he shook his head and answered “I’m sick Nonna”. He must have meant he will get sick if he eats something cold and sweet. The wisdom of a three-year old. Having a glass of milk is better, right Nate?

Ah, the joys of seeing his Ninong Josef.  He was so excited to try his Ninong’s head set and danced to the tune of  Nae Nae. I was laughing out load while he was dancing.  Kids learn fast and they learn well 🙂 I got so frustrated that my  cellphone camera can’t properly focus  while Nate was doing his rapid footsteps and hand gestures.


I was even more surprised when I received a text from Nissa early yesterday morning asking me to call her on Viber.  It was Nate on the other line saying “Miss you Nonna, I love you”. Music to my ears.  Nissa told me that as soon as he woke up, he asked if they could visit us again.

The joys of being a grandma, so priceless.

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Knowing Nate, he would always be the first to admire or comment on something which looks interesting to him. Here are more photos which Nissa took of yesterday’s Halloween party at their office.  and she said “nauuna na si Nate sa treats”. Look at him, enjoying the treat he got early…haha!

Nate at BPI1

Nate at BPI5

Our little boy, growing up fast.


The joys of being a child, happy and carefree.


He is naturally friendly not only with kids but even with adults.


Haha…harassment? Just being “makulit”  (playful and curious)..



Happy faces:)


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Time moves so really fast.  It’s only been a month and Nate has grown. Yes, he is our little bookworm. A friend gifted him with another book for his  second birthday, it was only yesterday though that he has seen it. He loves all the animals included in the nursery rhymes.

I told him to be careful with turning the pages and he is...

I told him to be careful in turning the pages and he is…

Look at his serious mien while turning the pages.

Look at his serious mien while turning the pages.

Reading with his favorite Ninong Josef. He is happy when Josef is around.

Reading with his favorite Ninong Josef. He is happy when Josef is around.

And I made picture quotes from one of his shots.

Our Little Bookworm

Little Bookworm1

Time seems so short, it seems to fly. Looking forward to more exciting book adventures with our little bookworm.

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