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Here I go again thinking how time flies and when it does, you reminisce and remember the things you should have written down.

Today, Nate turns three years and three months old. What a far cry from when he was just three months and all we had were Brainy Babies DVDs to entertain him.  I am excited to teach him new things but sometimes, it’s the other way around. You learn a lot from a three-year old.

Last Saturday, they came over for a visit and we had a grand time playing together while his mom and dad took a nap.  He seldom sleeps when they are here, maybe he is too excited to discover new things too. He knows where his toys are kept so he opened the cabinet and pointed at the big plastic bag and asked me to bring it down. He has two small robots here that he often play with when they visit. I showed him his books but he got one of my paperbacks and pretended to read. Someday, I hope he’d be a voracious reader too just like his mom and Nonna.

It was almost two hours of learning shapes and colors and playing with stuff toys in between. “Help me Nonna please” he said while trying to figure out how to assemble the shape box, identify and putting  the blocks inside. He knows his colors and can now count easily from one to ten.  I took some shots with my cellphone  since I was not able to charge my Canon camera. They were a bit grainy but perfectly captured those moments while he was so engrossed playing.




He was too enthusiastic about sharing what he does at home now that he has no yaya.  Nissa’s mother-in-law takes care of him now. At least at his age, he can play on his own.  He told me that he watches TV too (so I told him not to watch TV so much because it would strain his eyes), play with his Avengers toys and his cars and robots.  Later, I asked him if he wanted ice cream and I was surprised when he shook his head and answered “I’m sick Nonna”. He must have meant he will get sick if he eats something cold and sweet. The wisdom of a three-year old. Having a glass of milk is better, right Nate?

Ah, the joys of seeing his Ninong Josef.  He was so excited to try his Ninong’s head set and danced to the tune of  Nae Nae. I was laughing out load while he was dancing.  Kids learn fast and they learn well 🙂 I got so frustrated that my  cellphone camera can’t properly focus  while Nate was doing his rapid footsteps and hand gestures.


I was even more surprised when I received a text from Nissa early yesterday morning asking me to call her on Viber.  It was Nate on the other line saying “Miss you Nonna, I love you”. Music to my ears.  Nissa told me that as soon as he woke up, he asked if they could visit us again.

The joys of being a grandma, so priceless.

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I had a lovely bonding with Nate when they came over yesterday for a visit.  My daughter and son-in-law went to the dentist so I was left  with Nate with just the yaya. Unmindful of the camera, he played on his own with colorful blocks that he said he will make into an airplane, a house for me (haha), car and other objects that he could think of with matching sounds and shouts that a typical almost three-year old can do.



Watching  him with those playful and serious expressions on his face was a joy. My camera was set on a fast-moving mode but I was not able to catch up with how fast he moved and assembled his toys sometimes according to colors and sometimes according to size.


Kids are so creative nowadays. They learn fast and they learn much in a short time.  I haven’t seen him for about a month but I was amazed at how he has grown.  Our only contact  was occasionally talking over the phone during weekends.



There was this instance when I said “I love you Nate” over the phone and I was really surprised when he answered, “I love you too”.  Yesterday I told him I’ve missed him a lot and he said “miss you too”.  Hahaha, he is learning.  When he alighted from the car, that was followed  by a tight hug and a wet kiss.


We picked calamansi later, on his insistence and he smiled and clapped every time he picked one. Never mind that the ones he picked were still too small.  Just watching him smelling the lemony scent of the calamansi flowers was a joy too.


He kept asking where his mom and dad were and we reminded him that they went to the dentist. Then he said, “dentist din ako”  while showing his teeth to me. What he meant was, he would also like to go to the dentist and have his teeth cleaned. The wisdom of a child.





What will it be this time? Play ball with Nonna? The joys of being a grandma – precious moments indeed.

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Just can’t pass this off. Look at our big boy learning the rudiments of cooking. Who knows, he might be our Chef Nate someday.

chef Nate 2

chef Nate2

Was he really looking for a real knife? Not for you yet baby.

Was he really looking for a real knife? Not for you yet baby.

chef Nate3

Chef Nate1

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Josef and I were supposed to go to Metro East mall yesterday after the early morning mass  to look for Karo syrup for Nate but we ended up going to SM Megamall for the Grand Baby Fair exhibit. Gosh, what a lovely way to spend the day looking at all sorts of toys, gadgets,  strollers, clothes for babies and everything you would wish for your baby to have. Of course, we had Nate in mind while looking at the colorful displays. They even had a program with celebrity moms as guest speakers.

Baby fair

I ended up buying two large packs of Huggies diapers, a large box of Cycle baby detergent powder, Precious Moments cotton balls and cotton buds  and  a Fisher Price  elephant shape sorter which is new in the market. It was a real bargain to get it for only P640.00 when the original price was pegged at P949.00.


I love these blocks,they would teach your child visual stimulation and learning about shapes. I even examined each block if it was smooth to the touch. Nothing but the best for our precious Nate.

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Dear little host, thank you for adopting me! My name is ESSIE,

I come to you from the other side of the ocean, I will accompany you to spend every good night. In the coming days, the fantastic buttons on ESSIE’s body will bring you infinite surprise, please try to press them.

However, Essie is also afraid of pain and dirt, so please do not bite me or throw me on  the ground, let me stay with you and go off to dreamland together with the wonderful music.

Reading this, one would think that it is a little girl introducing herself to you but it is actually a turtle interactive nightlight that educates and entertains while soothing a child to sleep peacefully. It’s a gift for baby Nate from one of Nissa’s close friends.

I wonder how safe it is for babies but the package says it is eco-friendly and safe with a built-in LED luminous component

and is equipped with three batteries. It automatically closes after an hour. It has a full night projections on any ceiling with eight actual star constellations. It comes in soothing colors of blue-green and amber. I love the music, that kind that would induce even an adult to fall asleep.

Back when my precious two were kids, I invested in so many books, fairy tales, question and answers, Science discoveries to help them appreciate learning. ESSIE is not that kind of toy that you would play with  and put to a corner after a while because even an adult can re-learn the beauty of the night sky and constellations. It is still a learning process for me to recognize them. Our science teacher in grade school used to say, just connect the dots and you’ll see different wonderful figures in the night sky.

Thanks Marisse for another wonderful gift, the Brainy Baby CDs are also very much welcome.

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