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Josef and I were supposed to go to Metro East mall yesterday after the early morning mass  to look for Karo syrup for Nate but we ended up going to SM Megamall for the Grand Baby Fair exhibit. Gosh, what a lovely way to spend the day looking at all sorts of toys, gadgets,  strollers, clothes for babies and everything you would wish for your baby to have. Of course, we had Nate in mind while looking at the colorful displays. They even had a program with celebrity moms as guest speakers.

Baby fair

I ended up buying two large packs of Huggies diapers, a large box of Cycle baby detergent powder, Precious Moments cotton balls and cotton buds  and  a Fisher Price  elephant shape sorter which is new in the market. It was a real bargain to get it for only P640.00 when the original price was pegged at P949.00.


I love these blocks,they would teach your child visual stimulation and learning about shapes. I even examined each block if it was smooth to the touch. Nothing but the best for our precious Nate.

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No, this is not an ad, neither I am promoting this product. I just find it so convenient nowadays that there are detergents now solely used for baby’s needs. We all know that a baby’s skin is so delicate so harsh ingredients for washing baby clothes should not be used. We found this brand in our forays at the department store and I told Nissa it smells mild enough to use.

I actually have to google  how safe it is for newborn babies.  Blame it on the excitement of being a Nonna, nothing like the best for our coming baby.  This morning, I hand washed the remaining baby clothes that Nissa brought with them the other day using this. The baby smell, that mild scent that says, it’s clean and so baby fresh. They are now ironed and folded along with the  earlier baby clothes and diapers that Nissa and I lovingly kept in a sealed plastic box.

Back in my time, and that was roughly thirty years ago,  we used Perla, a mild detergent bar compared to the other brands of laundry soap and we used Safeguard soap for the delicate ones.

Last night, Nissa texted me asking how  one feels  when she is in labor so I called her up and even talked to a friend who  assists in her sister’s  clinic. Imagine my surprise (I was writing in my journal at the time she sent me that text)  when I’ve written the words I was supposed to text back to my friend. I laughed out loud when I saw the lines I’ve written. Panic attack? Nissa said that it was false alarm. She’s now having her usual afternoon walks at Glorietta. Or maybe, Nonna is more excited than Mommy?

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