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I have accumulated so many photos of Nate the last several months but  sharing a story with what we do when they come for a visit makes me smile. These are series of shots that I took with my tab while watching him  choosing what to read in his own little corner of our bookshelf.

Here’s our little bookworm…..at work.

Nate13 edited

He could not reach the bookshelf yet so he dragged a plastic stool to get his books.

Nate12 edited

Look how he is balancing his feet , I guess you need a few more inches Nate 🙂

Nate1 edited

Success….counting if they are complete.

Nate8 edited

Which one to read first? That’s a real “big problem”  baby.
Nate9 04-30-16
Story time….listen Nonna.
Nate7 edited
Shall it be the ABC book or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?
Nate6 edited
Arranging them according to size. May pinagmanahan ata etong batang eto. He is so organized  🙂
I am done Nonna, can we play now? He removed the gardenia blooms and asked why there is water inside the vase. I replied, “to make them fresh”.






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