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Nate in Baguio1

It’s our baby’s third birthday on Sunday, November 22. As they say, time flies and it does.  Every year since Nissa got married, she would plan of where to take their vacation as a family. This time, it is a celebration of both their 4th  wedding anniversary and Nate’s 3rd birthday all in the month of November. They went to Baguio city on a three-day trip and looking at the several photos that Nissa shared earlier, Nate enjoyed his vacation.  They visited the butterfly sanctuary at Camp John Hay.  It must be nice to be surrounded by these lovely creatures.

Last year, he enjoyed the beaches of Siquijor and the lovely places in Dumaguete City down south, this time, the lure of the cool climate of Baguio up north was just perfect.

Nate in baguio 2

He was more than a year old when he experienced his first pony ride. Look at him, he enjoyed horseback-riding at Wright Park. Nissa said he didn’t want to go down. A lot of kids would probably get scared, not Nate. He is a brave little man, not so little anymore, he is now a big boy.

Nate in baguio 3

He is the friendliest kid I know. He won’t hesitate to smile at strangers and befriend them.  He would say  “Hi” even to wait staff and sales assistants in department stores complete with a hand wave.

Have a blessed and happy birthday Nate. See you soon 🙂



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