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Nissa says it was the best family vacation ever. It’s Nate’s first plane ride. Every time they come over for a visit, we would  stay in the garden for a while and pick Calamansi (Philippine lime) or watch and count the airplanes going to and from the airport down south. Our place is on the eastern side of Metro Manila so we could clearly see airplanes passing by.  Maybe now that he has experienced riding on one, he would no longer embrace you  tight while pointing up (we call them big birds) in the sky. They spent  four  glorious days in Siquijor and Dumaguete City in the Visayas.

At the airport...

At the airport…

Up close...PAL Airlines

Up close…PAL Airlines

He is turning two in a few days and I wonder what he thought of seeing an airplane this close and riding in it. It’s actually their gift to him on his birthday, exploring other places and experiencing how to be a tourist for a few days.

Look at that deep frown....

Look at that deep frown….

In his young mind, he must be wondering why the sky seems so blue this side of the universe. A questioning look, some unanswered thoughts.

Using Mommy's sunglasses to see better Nate?

Using Mommy’s sunglasses to see better Nate?

What do you see up there baby?  You seem to be so engrossed watching the sky.  Now when you see an airplane in your baby books, you’ll no longer wonder how it is to ride in one. A is for airplane, right Nate?


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Nissa sent me this picture last Tuesday while they were waiting for their flight to Dumaguete City at NAIA 3, a lovely pose with Ogie Alcasid, who was also going to the same destination as they were. Nate may not know it yet but he was besides a talented Filipino singer, songwriter, comedian and actor. I learned from Nissa that his youngest is also named Nate.

with Ogie, the Pogi....

with Ogie, the Pogi….

A while ago, Nissa texted that Nate enjoyed their trip to Siquijor and they are now back in Dumaguete to explore a little more.  I am excited to see more photos of their trip since this is Nate’s first trip away from home.

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I don’t know why but as far as I can remember, our little Nate has always been fascinated with hats. There was a time when they came over to visit me and he was wearing a white cap. As soon as they alighted from the car, he removed it from his head and handed it to me like he was offering a lovely gift. Here’s another picture of him wearing hats when they brought him to the office of her mom and dad on Halloween.

the hat boy

Here’s another one,  a hat made of a towel they brought to Dumaguete .

Comfy baby?

Comfy baby?

Hahaha...he 's wearing the Crocs slippers I gave him last year.

Hahaha…he ‘s wearing the Crocs slippers I gave him last year.

And Nissa says it is his favorite footwear at the moment. You look lost in that big chair 🙂

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I have several pictures that Nissa shared, some of them taken here  at home when they had an overnight stay two weeks ago. Every weekend when they are free, they bring Nate to visit places where he can enjoy and where they could relax just watching him experience things that he hasn’t done before.

What a child do to make you smile.

What a child does to make you smile.

We had fun, rather Nonna had more fun having Nate. Family Day over the weekend.

We had fun, rather Nonna had more fun having Nate around.  Family Day over the weekend.

So curious...so happy!

So curious…so happy!

Fun to the max.....

Fun to the max…..

Sometimes you wish you have the energy, the same degree of curiosity, and the urge and desire to experience same things like a child does – without fear, just a bunch of laughter and smiles.

Define f-u-n 🙂


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Oh...oh.....happy moments with Dad!

Oh…oh…..happy moments with Dad!

Love speaks in simple ways!

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Two weeks ago they stayed here for  long weekend. That was the time that typhoon Mario brought heavy rains and flooded Metro Manila again. We woke up to the sound of  thunder and the lightning bolts making Nate cover his face while  saying “Nonna, Nonna”. He was sandwiched  on the bed between me  and Nissa yet he would not open his eyes, clearly afraid of the storm. Who wouldn’t be? Then the sudden deluge of rain kept us wide awake until morning. We have to transfer to our neighbor’s house when the flood waters reached our garage.  Though the scenario was frightening  (we have to transfer our things atop the raised bed), it was an opportunity to bond longer with the kids and with our neighbors who were like second family to us. Luckily, Nissa was on leave for work for two days and it was Josef’s rest day too. Nissa took some shots with Nate enjoying the company of  Jaden and Kurt. In between shouts of laughter, we were happy just seeing them play together.

Nate with jaden

Eating with gusto, a simple meal of pancit miki.

Eating with gusto, a simple meal of pancit miki.

Nissa cooked a packed of miki noodles with chicken the day after when we went back to the house. Look how Nate enjoyed a plate of it. He eats vegetables and anything that he finds “yummy”.  He prefers eating on his own with spoon and fork , a sign of independence for a toddler who hasn’t turned two yet. I miss  him though, I only get to talk to him in Viber once in a while. Hopefully this weekend, we’ll see each other again.



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bookworm Nate

I love these shots which I took of  Nate two weeks ago. Nissa brought along a story book when they came over for an overnight visit but when he saw my books at the night table, he smiled and said, “bok, bok” so I told him they are dusty. He immediately got one of his diapers and started wiping them while at the same time looking at the pictures on the cover pages. Another bookworm in the making. He is now careful in turning the pages, he finally learned that books are not toys. I can’t wait to see the day when he grows up and learns to read. I have this vision of  us going together to a bookstore and exploring more books  and buying  some favorites.

Now and then, we still talk through Viber, just shouting endless “I love you Nate” and “Nonna, Nonna”.


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Nate's ne pic...

And it’s quite hard now to make him pose for the camera, sometimes he makes faces.  There is really no dull moment when he is around. You’re on your toes except when he is asleep.

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I know you would probably ignore this. What’s a pair of slippers doing in my blog? It’s for our little guy of course. I loved how he danced, skipped and smiled while looking at himself in the full length mirror in our bedroom.  He is appreciative of everything you give him, proof that he is really growing up fast.


It’s a little too big yet for his tiny feet but he keeps wearing my bedroom slippers so I let him wear this. He was shouting “bear, bear” when he saw the designs embroidered in the pair. I bought him a pair of Crocs slippers too but it was designed for a two to three-year old so maybe he could use it next year. I keep reminding Nissa to always check  the gifts Nate received on his first birthday, she might forget that there are still more than a dozen shirts he has not worn yet, toys still unopened, and books that are just waiting for him to discover.

I was craving for something sweet  this morning so I baked a carrot cake. I could imagine Nate shouting  “yummy” if he were here.  That’s the only word he describes food, it is always yummy. It’s really a joy to see him enjoying vegetables in his meals  as long as they are not cooked dry.

The joys of being a grandma, priceless moments  to treasure.

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Yesterday, while Nate and I were playing, he saw the pile of books I purchased at BFL and he said, “bok, bok” while reaching out for a copy and he glanced at the cover then ran his hands on the pages. So I told him, “do you want me to read you a  story?”. He smiled so I started , “once upon a time…” he was all ears and when he heard his name, he laughed. That made my day!

I will buy him more children’s books when he learns to read. One more bookworm in the family 🙂

He picked up the computer mouse thrice, put it in his ear  and said “Ninong, ninong”, referring to Josef who was not around when they visited so I told him, “ninong is in the office”.

I told Nissa that we didn’t take pictures like we usually do when they come over to visit us so I said, it’s all in here, pointing to my heart, she laughed. Later she sent me a note on Viber. “I hope you had fun with Nate”. Of course, when Nate is around, everything is fun.

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