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I’m impressed.  He did it all on  his own. First taste of having a job done well.  He took a one-week  Kiddy Summer  Workshop at one of the branches of McDo. then he got this at the end of the training.  Kids could be responsible too when you teach them well.

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I think it is not officially summer yet but two weeks ago Nissa’s family went on another swimming trip. Nate loves the water. We were supposed to go with them but we could not leave mom alone in the house. My eldest brother was not available. Nissa took some photos of their trip.

I am sure those were enjoyable moments for our baby who is now four years old.  At the beach or in  a swimming pool, he loves it. Maybe it’s about time he officially learns how to swim.





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It’s been a while.

Come Tuesday next week, November 22, our baby Nate is turning four.  They  had their yearly road trip in Subic, Zambales this weekend.  Nate loves the beach. I talked to him a while ago and he said he enjoyed it.  He actually doesn’t want to come home yet but they’ve been there since Thursday afternoon. It is such a joy to see him  so happy.


Sand, sea and sun. What more could you ask?






nates-beach-outing16The family enjoying a swim.


Right on Nate, enjoy ba?

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Camayan Beach Resort Hotel

It seems like it was only yesterday when I blogged about him as a baby.  He is now a talkative, bubbly and smart four-year old.


At Zoobic Safari


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He is now officially in pre-school and we are all excited.

Nate first day in pre-school

Nate and I talked on Viber last night for about a minute, I think. He shouted, “I am going to school tomorrow” in that excited voice of his and I can’t help but laugh. Our precious one is now officially a nursery student.  Time flies, how amazing!

A few winks, laughter here and there, shouting over the phone with  I love you’s, a lot of begging to pick kalamansi or play in the park, telling stories that sometimes Nonna could not grasp  because you speak in rapid fire excitement, opening the refrigerator door because you are curious what Nonna has prepared for you, asking to take down that big plastic bag of toys and you would say, “make me a house Nonna”, appreciating the food set on the table by always saying “yummy”. I guess aside from the usual Mommy and Daddy words, the word yummy was the first one you learned to speak.

They are happy times with Nate, little adventures that speak of family life that’s full of love.

Nate first day in pre-school1

And here is how Nate looks when he is enjoying something, that typical smile and that somehow serious mien.

You look good  in a school uniform baby. Make Nonna proud 🙂

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It was one  of those times that we really enjoyed bonding with Nate when  they came over yesterday for a visit.  It was a memorable day full of laughter and fun with lots of shouting in between. He demonstrated his prowess on the bow and arrow (his second set in a span of a week).  Nissa said that while they were on their way out two weeks ago, Nate in all seriousness asked his dad to buy him a bow and arrow. He was sitting quietly  in  the car when he said, “Buy me bow and arrow, Dad. I’m behaving.”  I really laughed at that. He could be a little persuasive when he wants something.

Yesterday, he showed us his toy ( a new one still in a box) . He was so proud to show  me how to load the four plastic arrows and aim them somewhere inside the house. When he got tired of it, he played with our dogs. He was no longer afraid to get near because they now have a dog at home.  Every time they visit us, the day is not complete without visiting our small garden.  We enjoyed picking Calamansi together, never mind that he picked the small ones that he can reach. He shouted when he saw so many big ones. It’s an activity that we always enjoy together.

Nate at the garden with ninong Josef

Crazy moments with Ninong Josef. They don’t see each other often but when they do, it is always a riot.

Nate at the garden

A late afternoon exercise  🙂 And here are more pictures when he discovered the jackfruits growing in the garden. He was amazed. It was a gentle touch at first, followed by running his hands on the fruit.


He asked, "what do you call these Nonna?"

He asked, “what do you call these Nonna?”



...nd yes, we can eat them too when they are ripe.

…and yes, we can eat them too when they are ripe.

That pretty sums up what we did yesterday. He is so appreciative of everything. Even the food is all “yummy” to him.

And the best way for a child to learn  about nature? Teach him how to garden.


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Nate in Baguio1

It’s our baby’s third birthday on Sunday, November 22. As they say, time flies and it does.  Every year since Nissa got married, she would plan of where to take their vacation as a family. This time, it is a celebration of both their 4th  wedding anniversary and Nate’s 3rd birthday all in the month of November. They went to Baguio city on a three-day trip and looking at the several photos that Nissa shared earlier, Nate enjoyed his vacation.  They visited the butterfly sanctuary at Camp John Hay.  It must be nice to be surrounded by these lovely creatures.

Last year, he enjoyed the beaches of Siquijor and the lovely places in Dumaguete City down south, this time, the lure of the cool climate of Baguio up north was just perfect.

Nate in baguio 2

He was more than a year old when he experienced his first pony ride. Look at him, he enjoyed horseback-riding at Wright Park. Nissa said he didn’t want to go down. A lot of kids would probably get scared, not Nate. He is a brave little man, not so little anymore, he is now a big boy.

Nate in baguio 3

He is the friendliest kid I know. He won’t hesitate to smile at strangers and befriend them.  He would say  “Hi” even to wait staff and sales assistants in department stores complete with a hand wave.

Have a blessed and happy birthday Nate. See you soon 🙂



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Little F1 Racer Nate

I smiled  seeing this, our little Nate in his F1 Racer outfit. Nissa brought him to her office for their annual  “trick or treat”.  He was fast asleep on the way home,  probably pleasantly tired from  all the running and playing with other kids. And here are more photos of our racer.





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It was one of those days again that I always looked forward to, seeing Nate after a month of just occasionally saying hi and hello at Viber. Every time they come over, I get to notice how he has grown in a month (he doesn’t look like a toddler anymore but a young boy), I get to notice how much he has learned. The playfulness is still there though and sometimes, Nissa gets to shout out loud because he is always running around. It is quite hard to take photos of him now but I managed to take some shots before they left.

Look at that, he seemed so engrossed making doodles on my notebook.




He readily gave up drawing though when he saw us watching a video on Nissa’s phone. Still holding his pencil, he watched the four-year old boy talking rapidly and pointing to a computer screen like he was a pro.





As if it was not enough, he has to raise his foot atop the bed to get a better look. I showed him the pics later and he just smiled. It really made my day…making memories with the family 🙂

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When he was a year older and learned a few words, he used to shout “buy robot”  to everyone who was willing to listen. When he turned two, he cuddled a Mickey Mouse toy bigger than he was. A few days ago, he loved the kitchen and enjoyed those moments pretending how to cook.  See how happy he was seeing a figure of Spiderman. Isn’t it obvious he is a fan?


Look how amazed he was seeing this figure and he was wearing the same Spiderman t-shirt.


A picture of a happy kid.

I envy those moments an innocent child bring into this world – picture of bliss and happiness, carefree moments that bring joy and smiles. You wish sometimes that you could go back to being carefree as a child without the gargantuan responsibilities that you have to face. You wish sometimes that you could wear a genuine smile on your face and live life simply. Sometimes you wish you were a child again.

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Just can’t pass this off. Look at our big boy learning the rudiments of cooking. Who knows, he might be our Chef Nate someday.

chef Nate 2

chef Nate2

Was he really looking for a real knife? Not for you yet baby.

Was he really looking for a real knife? Not for you yet baby.

chef Nate3

Chef Nate1

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