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Sometimes I often smile and laugh about Nate’s poses in front of the camera. He has a signature pose which he learned  years ago when he joined an acting workshop one summer.

He looks like an endorser of a fruit juice ad 🙂

Some of my friends say that his looks is more on the side of the Abuel which is my maiden name. Some say he looks more like one of my brothers. I say, it’s more like Nissa and Obet combined (but of course).

Mother and son, enjoying the moments together. This was also taken yesterday when they celebrated Father’s Day.

the kiss….

That’s how he kisses when in the mood with a tight hug and tight embrace. Nissa said, “araw ni Daddy ngayon pero may eksena pa rin si Mommy”.  Yeay 🙂

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Truly, it was another day worth remembering. When Nate is around, the house is alive too.  I took some shots of Nate on my tab while he was opening his gifts from and when we tried to assemble those tiny plastic toys to form an Apache Helicopter and a toy truck. Once he saw the boxes, he shouted, “amazing Nonna, I love these”. You’re welcome baby. Nice to know you like them. Since I just used my tab, the photos are not that clear.

I haven’t bought a new camera yet, I am so lazy to go out and buy one. Besides, my cash here would probably not enough for a good camera yet. I don’t want to use my credit card when it comes to items that I want but don’t have the immediate need  of it.


He was just excited to see his gifts from Nonna.


What are they Nate?


Haha, and your mom is so good at it. Nonna doesn’t know how to follow instructions.


Let’s start with the Apache helicopter next, as if I could…haha 🙂

He brought along some of his Lego toys. The toy trucks, airplanes and dinosaurs were already assembled earlier.



Dinosaurs, airplanes, trucks and what have you.


Hmm….I am truly impressed with your collection.

Does he like the book?  He does.  He scanned the pages and took note of the illustrations in every page. Then he said, “I like to read Stuart Little”.  His kuya Kevin gave him a book too for his birthday while my friend Lilet gave him a set of slim volumes of fairy tales. They were written in bold letters so I am sure he could read them now.

Before they went home, we spent about an hour at the garden shooting targets from his toy gun.

Another Saturday of precious bonding.

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He said “pagod na ako”  meaning he is already tired so he got a pillow and watched television instead. He knows what channel Nickelodeon is.   Took this series of shot on my tab while he was serious about watching and making faces later.

The garden is precious to Nate. He always visits it every time they are here. He loves picking calamansi. 


Why are you frowning? Alanganing ngiti.


He has lots of toy trucks but he loves this old collection of Josef. He had it safe in his pocket when they went home.


Precious moments with Nate. Precious time spent playing and visiting the garden.

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I can’t tell you how nice and lovely it is to see my daughter, son-in-law and Nate after almost a month of not seeing each other. We were laughing at Nate while eating lunch, he surely had a big appetite.  There is really no need to feed him like most kids his age. He can hold a fork and spoon so well.

All our attention seemed to be  focused on him always. After lunch, we had a great time letting him read  three-letter words provided by Nissa. Yes, he is starting to read and he is in junior Kindergarten.  I think his teachers teach them phonetics. He has to sound each letter first before saying the right word.  Bravo, I’m impressed. I can’t wait for the day he will start reading a whole sentence or a paragraph even.

Back in my time when I started studying in the province, we didn’t have Nursery or Kindergarten. One has to start directly from Grade 1. Imagine, you only learn to write each letter of the alphabet in the first grade.  I  had a hard time adjusting to high school life when Dad enrolled me in UST.  Having spent my grade school days back home, I could not help but compare they way they taught us in the province. They were more advanced here in the city.

We played ball, made figures out of  the  plastic blocks we have here and  the Lego set he brought  along with him. My goodness, he is more creative than I am when it comes to all those tiny  blocks.  I can’t match the dexterity of his hands. I didn’t grow up with Lego bricks. My cousins and I spent our spare time playing outside, sometimes in the heat of the sun or after dinner.

A little later he joined Mom while the latter was playing solitaire with her old playing cards. Nate said, ” I know how to play cards”“Really?” I asked. He just smiled.



Haha, he acted like he really knew the game. But it was just arranging the sequence of the numbers with the same  designs.

We ended up having  two  large boxes of pizza for snacks. Would you believe? Nate finished three slices.

Family day is always the best for me. Hugging  Nate close  and opening his window to say goodbye.  And as always, hearing his “See you later”. 


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They came over  last Saturday for us to celebrate Nissa’s birthday. I asked Nate if he wanted to take a nap.

Nate: No, Nonna I will just play.

Me: Aren’t you sleepy?

Nate: No (shaking his head).

After a while he asked: Do you have other toys for me? (He was looking at the big plastic bag where his other toys were kept).

Me: Let us just read, okay?

He got his books down from the shelf and leafed through a story book. He could not read sentences yet but I heard his voice. He was inventing a story. It was just like when he would sing and just string the lyrics on his own.

Priceless moments spent with Nate ♥

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It’s been a long time since I posted here.  The recent ones are all re-blogged from my main site, Dreams And Escapes.

Nissa finally got Nate’s grades and awards for the first grading this school year.  Nonna is proud and happy Nate. You made it.

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I think it is not officially summer yet but two weeks ago Nissa’s family went on another swimming trip. Nate loves the water. We were supposed to go with them but we could not leave mom alone in the house. My eldest brother was not available. Nissa took some photos of their trip.

I am sure those were enjoyable moments for our baby who is now four years old.  At the beach or in  a swimming pool, he loves it. Maybe it’s about time he officially learns how to swim.





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It’s been a while.

Come Tuesday next week, November 22, our baby Nate is turning four.  They  had their yearly road trip in Subic, Zambales this weekend.  Nate loves the beach. I talked to him a while ago and he said he enjoyed it.  He actually doesn’t want to come home yet but they’ve been there since Thursday afternoon. It is such a joy to see him  so happy.


Sand, sea and sun. What more could you ask?






nates-beach-outing16The family enjoying a swim.


Right on Nate, enjoy ba?

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Camayan Beach Resort Hotel

It seems like it was only yesterday when I blogged about him as a baby.  He is now a talkative, bubbly and smart four-year old.


At Zoobic Safari


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He is now officially in pre-school and we are all excited.

Nate first day in pre-school

Nate and I talked on Viber last night for about a minute, I think. He shouted, “I am going to school tomorrow” in that excited voice of his and I can’t help but laugh. Our precious one is now officially a nursery student.  Time flies, how amazing!

A few winks, laughter here and there, shouting over the phone with  I love you’s, a lot of begging to pick kalamansi or play in the park, telling stories that sometimes Nonna could not grasp  because you speak in rapid fire excitement, opening the refrigerator door because you are curious what Nonna has prepared for you, asking to take down that big plastic bag of toys and you would say, “make me a house Nonna”, appreciating the food set on the table by always saying “yummy”. I guess aside from the usual Mommy and Daddy words, the word yummy was the first one you learned to speak.

They are happy times with Nate, little adventures that speak of family life that’s full of love.

Nate first day in pre-school1

And here is how Nate looks when he is enjoying something, that typical smile and that somehow serious mien.

You look good  in a school uniform baby. Make Nonna proud 🙂

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I have accumulated so many photos of Nate the last several months but  sharing a story with what we do when they come for a visit makes me smile. These are series of shots that I took with my tab while watching him  choosing what to read in his own little corner of our bookshelf.

Here’s our little bookworm…..at work.

Nate13 edited

He could not reach the bookshelf yet so he dragged a plastic stool to get his books.

Nate12 edited

Look how he is balancing his feet , I guess you need a few more inches Nate 🙂

Nate1 edited

Success….counting if they are complete.

Nate8 edited

Which one to read first? That’s a real “big problem”  baby.
Nate9 04-30-16
Story time….listen Nonna.
Nate7 edited
Shall it be the ABC book or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?
Nate6 edited
Arranging them according to size. May pinagmanahan ata etong batang eto. He is so organized  🙂
I am done Nonna, can we play now? He removed the gardenia blooms and asked why there is water inside the vase. I replied, “to make them fresh”.






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