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Last Sunday, Nissa asked what food I ‘ve prepared and suggested not to buy anymore because she was sending something for lunch. She sent a box of Mang Inasal chicken and a big tray of palabok. They went home early to attend Sunday mass and had lunch out after at TGI Fridays. There were some photos that they took. Just sharing some here.

Look at Nate, one of his favourites is Macaroni and Cheese.
He bought this gift for Nissa, an everyday journal, out of his own savings.

Look at his handwriting. He writes better in print….haha!
The happy couple.

I told Nissa to fill it with her everyday thoughts. I remember those times when she was the same age as Nate, she also kept one under a tiny lock and key. She maintained journaling until she was in college. They are still kept here along with some of her art paraphernalia.

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Back when the books were new a few years ago, Nissa always made it a point to reserve a hardbound copy at National Bookstore before it is even out. Nissa would read them first, then Josef and me after both of them. It was the only series that I read back then except of course the 8th book which was published years later. Come to think of it, we even watched the movie adaptations but during the fourth one I think, I slept in the cinema house. Tbey both laughed at me. I must admit the books are always better than the movies. Another series that they shared with me are The Hunger Games (three books in a row). We also watched the movie version.

Nissa bought Nate the whole set in trade paperback and the hardbound 8th book.

He is about done with the first book. More time to read since it is summer break.

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Nissa sent me a few pics while Nate is with her in the office. Nobody could take care of him at home since Obet’s mom is in Baguio. School year is over. Tomorrow is Recognition Day in their school. They’ll go back to their own home after the event.

Nissa says he is bored doing nothing. He should have brought some books aside from his tab.
Practicing Nate?

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Look at his shoes….haha! I hope someday he would be as tall as his grandfather on Obet’s side. Obet is tall enough but I am pretty sure Nate would grow taller than he is.

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Nate is now taller than I am. He is just ten years old. Nissa took shots of them while Nate was learning to add soil to the pots of hydrangea which they bought earlier.

Appreciate gardening Nate.
Do you know that the colors of flowers depend on the pH of the soil? Either it is pink when the soil is alkaline or blue when the soil is acidic.
So engrossed.

I miss you Nate๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฅฐโค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰

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It’s been more than a month since we saw each other, they were here when Noel and Lanette arrived from the USA. That was more than a month ago.

Yesterday we had our Christmas lunch. We forgot to take pictures except for the two shots I took during our meal prayers. Then I also took pictures of Nissa’s gifts to me.

See how serious Nate was in praying.
Nissa led the prayers. Thanksgiving for all the blessings in our lives and being together again.
The various gifts that Nissa gave me, a set of bedsheets, table runner, table cloth and some items from Marks and Spencer. I have a new umbrella too. How nice!

It was a simple celebration but we enjoyed a few laughs when Nate opened his gifts.

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This is how Nate looks now, a truly tall boy for his age. I blogged about him yesterday. This is just an additional photo. Collecting memories.

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Oh my!

So proud of this little guy (not so little anymore), he is now almost as tall as I am.

Nissa just forwarded a copy of Nate’s grades for their third grading period. Everything went up despite that most of the time he is unsupervised because Obet and Nissa are now reporting for work in some days of the week. My gosh, Science subject and Math are almost perfect at 99 % each. They are still online every day. I think he is more knowledgeable about his tab than I am about mine ๐Ÿ˜˜

What a smart little guy. So proud being a Nonna.

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They came here yesterday to celebrate New Year with us.

After lunch, Nate said, “can we go out at the garden Nonna?”

I asked him why and he added, “I want to pick kalamansi”. That’s Philippine lime.

I told him they are still so small so I showed our two jackfruits.

Can we play instead?” . Then he began making faces and his signature sign which is thumbs up. He has grown so tall and a little more chubby since the last time they stayed here March last year. I took some photos of course..

It is always a thrill having Nate around. When will we see each other again?

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Here are more photos of Nate’ birthday.

They spent it in Subic in Zambales. It was a joint celebration of their 10th anniversary and Nate’s 9th birthday.

At Camayan Beach Resort
Tabachingching ( chubby, chubby)
They all look happy.
I love this one.

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