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Woke up to another cold morning and it is raining again.  I wonder when I’ll get to see the sun’s face again in all  its glory. I wonder if we’ll spend Christmas day like this one.

I spent sometime yesterday planning  what to prepare for our Noche Buena.  I have actually cooked two kilos of embutido the other day and  put  it in the freezer. Embutido is our Filipino version of meatloaf which is cooked by steaming.  It consists of ground pork, raisins, sausage, cheese, eggs, pickle relish, carrots and other seasonings. You can freeze it for  more  than just a month and it does not lose its flavor.  Of course, fruit, macaroni or potato salad won’t be left behind since Mom is here.  She loves anything that spells S-A-L-A-D. And  pasta dishes  and sweet delicacies won’t be left behind.   Nissa is on a Keto diet and she does not eat…

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He was our handsome Prince Hans. It was Nate’s first fashion show.

A few months ago, Nate was recruited by a media outfit to try an audition. He got in and today is their sort of graduation by having a fashion show at the mall.  He has change of outfit three times and Nissa even took a video while he was onstage. He was practically running instead of walking but according to Nissa he enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some pics Nissa took of the event.

I laughed at this. Look at how he was staring at the girl. She is a classmate at the workshop.

They got a trophy each for their graduation. I was laughing out loud while watching the video.  He was very energetic, so excited to be on the stage 🙂

It’s another milestone in our young Nate’s life.

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