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It’s been a long time since I posted here.  The recent ones are all re-blogged from my main site, Dreams And Escapes.

Nissa finally got Nate’s grades and awards for the first grading this school year.  Nonna is proud and happy Nate. You made it.

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All In The Family

Dreams And Escapes

Gosh, that was a severe migraine I had yesterday –  gargantuan headache, nausea  and vomiting five times in the process. I didn’t eat lunch and dinner  even if I was a bit hungry. I was  indisposed when my daughter’s family came over for a visit.  Except for the grandson, they had a scheduled visit to our family dentist who lives near our place.  Nate had  his dental prophylaxis in another clinic a week ago.

The moment Nate  stepped inside the gate, he showed his two hands wearing black glove on his right hand, a finger less glove on his other hand  and one foot with dark sock. “I am a ninja Nonna“, he said. I laughed. He brought his toy train set with him but without battery. They left him here for a few hours and he just played with his toys while I had my eyes closed the…

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