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Proud Nonna

Dreams And Escapes

Last week, they were at the mall to have Nate’s hair cut. A talent scout approached them  and asked how old Nate was. The following day, Nate had this VTR  along with other kids.

Even if  he won’t be chosen,  I am  so happy for  our little guy.  Nice audition Nate. Proud Nonna here.

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Saturday Delight

Dreams And Escapes

They came yesterday with the grandson in his pajamas and my daughter said, “he just woke up”. so the first order of the day was, they had breakfast first before he took a bath.

As soon as we had our lunch, he asked  if we could pick kalamansi. He loves to visit the garden and play with our dog Noki but he was afraid of our three kitties.  When he was at play, he kept saying, “I don’t want t go home, I will stay with Nonna”. Nissa and I just smiled. It is a standard dialogue when he is around. He usually takes another bath before they go home and he always ask, “Are we going home after I take a bath? I don’t want to take a bath”.  Haha, the logic of  a four-year old 🙂

They brought with them his new set of Lego toys but…

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