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It was one  of those times that we really enjoyed bonding with Nate when  they came over yesterday for a visit.  It was a memorable day full of laughter and fun with lots of shouting in between. He demonstrated his prowess on the bow and arrow (his second set in a span of a week).  Nissa said that while they were on their way out two weeks ago, Nate in all seriousness asked his dad to buy him a bow and arrow. He was sitting quietly  in  the car when he said, “Buy me bow and arrow, Dad. I’m behaving.”  I really laughed at that. He could be a little persuasive when he wants something.

Yesterday, he showed us his toy ( a new one still in a box) . He was so proud to show  me how to load the four plastic arrows and aim them somewhere inside the house. When he got tired of it, he played with our dogs. He was no longer afraid to get near because they now have a dog at home.  Every time they visit us, the day is not complete without visiting our small garden.  We enjoyed picking Calamansi together, never mind that he picked the small ones that he can reach. He shouted when he saw so many big ones. It’s an activity that we always enjoy together.

Nate at the garden with ninong Josef

Crazy moments with Ninong Josef. They don’t see each other often but when they do, it is always a riot.

Nate at the garden

A late afternoon exercise  🙂 And here are more pictures when he discovered the jackfruits growing in the garden. He was amazed. It was a gentle touch at first, followed by running his hands on the fruit.


He asked, "what do you call these Nonna?"

He asked, “what do you call these Nonna?”



...nd yes, we can eat them too when they are ripe.

…and yes, we can eat them too when they are ripe.

That pretty sums up what we did yesterday. He is so appreciative of everything. Even the food is all “yummy” to him.

And the best way for a child to learn  about nature? Teach him how to garden.


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