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There is a different kind of joy when you are around a kid like Nate.  We are indeed so blessed to have him in our lives.

I taught Nate how to say three with his fingers but he found it hard to raise his three fingers all at the same time so I told him, “two plus one” using two fingers on the left and one on the right. He laughed and when I asked him “how old are you?” he said “three, three, three”. Oo nga naman, it is easier to say them in words, right Nate? Smart boy 🙂

We were both admiring their small aquarium  and I asked him if the fish inside have names. He smiled, pointed at each one and said, “Nonna, Josef, Mommy, Daddy, Nathan….” Sometimes, I am simply amazed how he makes me smile.

We were singing happy birthday while he was blowing the spare candle on his birthday cake and he was singing a little louder than we were. A the end of the song, he added, “happy birthday Nathan“.  Then he bestowed the usual wet kisses and warm hugs on each of us. Priceless moments of joy.

May you always be blessed little one. You are a wonderful blessing to us all.

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The joy of seeing Nate again.

Yes, we were early going to their place since Josef has to attend their office party early evening. As usual, there is no dull moment when Nate is around. It’s a “Cars” themed party. They bought him a motorized racer  car and he was so happy  driving it and showing it off to us. Red  was the color of the day.

Nate on his wheel

Nate's 3rd birthday cake

He can’t wait to blow the candles so Nissa allowed him to blow the spare one.  He closed his eyes, blew it and clapped his hands. We were all laughing with him.

nate's birthday1

It’s kind of funny that he received die-cast metal cars from Josef, a backpack bag from me with a picture of a red car but we didn’t know that Nissa thought of having the theme “cars”. She designed Nate’s birthday cake allowing Nate to add some trimmings on it.

Of course, he has to wear his race car outfit again for the photo-op. It is perfect for the theme.

Nate's 3rd birthday

Nate's birthday

Of course the fun won’t be complete without the family photo. He was just happy and we were all happy for him.

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