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Knowing Nate, he would always be the first to admire or comment on something which looks interesting to him. Here are more photos which Nissa took of yesterday’s Halloween party at their office.  and she said “nauuna na si Nate sa treats”. Look at him, enjoying the treat he got early…haha!

Nate at BPI1

Nate at BPI5

Our little boy, growing up fast.


The joys of being a child, happy and carefree.


He is naturally friendly not only with kids but even with adults.


Haha…harassment? Just being “makulit”  (playful and curious)..



Happy faces:)


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Little F1 Racer Nate

I smiled  seeing this, our little Nate in his F1 Racer outfit. Nissa brought him to her office for their annual  “trick or treat”.  He was fast asleep on the way home,  probably pleasantly tired from  all the running and playing with other kids. And here are more photos of our racer.





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Nate is so funny at times, typical of a two-year old who is turning three next month. They came over last Saturday to celebrate my birthday in advance. Last year it was “happy betday” but now he could clearly pronounce the words right.  When he saw the birthday cake  box with a single pink candle, he wanted to open it and blow it.  He was so excited saying “happy birthday” after each every blow, I think that was three times before he allowed me to blow the candle with him.  That’s the fun of having birthdays I guess, the child in you shines  once more. It feels good to celebrate with the family.

We took some pictures at the garden and as usual he had fun picking calamansi and pointing at airplanes passing by.

So happy. He said

So happy. He said ” I like it here”. His mommy asked if he wanted to live here but he answered “no, I like it here”….haha!

Ready Nate? Say cheese!

Ready Nate? Say cheese!

Capturing the playful moments....

Capturing the playful moments….

Celebrating with Nate and the family, I am so blessed.

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