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When he was a year older and learned a few words, he used to shout “buy robot”  to everyone who was willing to listen. When he turned two, he cuddled a Mickey Mouse toy bigger than he was. A few days ago, he loved the kitchen and enjoyed those moments pretending how to cook.  See how happy he was seeing a figure of Spiderman. Isn’t it obvious he is a fan?


Look how amazed he was seeing this figure and he was wearing the same Spiderman t-shirt.


A picture of a happy kid.

I envy those moments an innocent child bring into this world – picture of bliss and happiness, carefree moments that bring joy and smiles. You wish sometimes that you could go back to being carefree as a child without the gargantuan responsibilities that you have to face. You wish sometimes that you could wear a genuine smile on your face and live life simply. Sometimes you wish you were a child again.

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