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Today, we celebrate the gift of life.It’s our little Nate’s 2nd birthday. If his first birthday was a blast, today we spent lunch together at home.  They came over for lunch before going to Avilon zoo.  He needs a hair trim and his daddy is planning to buy him a little car of his own.  He was so happy with his  remote control toy car which Josef has given him earlier. He kept saying “wow, galing” and “thank you” ninong.

They need to start him on potty training now that he is two so I gifted him with a trainer set that doubles as a sturdy chair with its own music that he can listen to.  We laughed out loud when we let him try it even with his disposable diaper on. How could one be happy potty-training a child you might ask, at least now he knows  what it’s meant for:) We have another simple celebration tomorrow with Nissa’s in-laws, just the family, Nissa’s and Obet’s. He has yet to blow the candles on his cake.

Time flies!  He is no longer a baby, he is a toddler now and sometimes I could see that he is starting to assert himself when it comes to wearing  shoes  (a Crocs pair that I gave him almost a year ago is his favorite footwear now), holding a spoon when he eats (is being left-handed normal to a two-year old?), to choosing shorts over pants.  Nissa says he can’t stay in one place, running all the time, imitating what he sees on TV. I told her yaya to limit TV viewing  and read books to him instead.  Terrible two, that’s what they say of this age. Where did those words come from?  It’s pretty normal for a child to be curious on everything.

Happy birthday Nate. We still have a lot to learn and discover together even if we only see each other once a month. Hearing your voice saying “lab you Nonna” over  the phone is enough for now.  God bless you baby, may you grow to be healthy, smart and a loving child.

Nate's first scribbles using my Stabilo markers.

Nate’s first scribbles using my Stabilo markers and scratch pad.

Nissa posted this on her wall and shared it with me.

Nissa posted this on her wall and shared it with me.

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