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Nissa says it was the best family vacation ever. It’s Nate’s first plane ride. Every time they come over for a visit, we would  stay in the garden for a while and pick Calamansi (Philippine lime) or watch and count the airplanes going to and from the airport down south. Our place is on the eastern side of Metro Manila so we could clearly see airplanes passing by.  Maybe now that he has experienced riding on one, he would no longer embrace you  tight while pointing up (we call them big birds) in the sky. They spent  four  glorious days in Siquijor and Dumaguete City in the Visayas.

At the airport...

At the airport…

Up close...PAL Airlines

Up close…PAL Airlines

He is turning two in a few days and I wonder what he thought of seeing an airplane this close and riding in it. It’s actually their gift to him on his birthday, exploring other places and experiencing how to be a tourist for a few days.

Look at that deep frown....

Look at that deep frown….

In his young mind, he must be wondering why the sky seems so blue this side of the universe. A questioning look, some unanswered thoughts.

Using Mommy's sunglasses to see better Nate?

Using Mommy’s sunglasses to see better Nate?

What do you see up there baby?  You seem to be so engrossed watching the sky.  Now when you see an airplane in your baby books, you’ll no longer wonder how it is to ride in one. A is for airplane, right Nate?


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