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Nissa sent me this picture last Tuesday while they were waiting for their flight to Dumaguete City at NAIA 3, a lovely pose with Ogie Alcasid, who was also going to the same destination as they were. Nate may not know it yet but he was besides a talented Filipino singer, songwriter, comedian and actor. I learned from Nissa that his youngest is also named Nate.

with Ogie, the Pogi....

with Ogie, the Pogi….

A while ago, Nissa texted that Nate enjoyed their trip to Siquijor and they are now back in Dumaguete to explore a little more.  I am excited to see more photos of their trip since this is Nate’s first trip away from home.

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I don’t know why but as far as I can remember, our little Nate has always been fascinated with hats. There was a time when they came over to visit me and he was wearing a white cap. As soon as they alighted from the car, he removed it from his head and handed it to me like he was offering a lovely gift. Here’s another picture of him wearing hats when they brought him to the office of her mom and dad on Halloween.

the hat boy

Here’s another one,  a hat made of a towel they brought to Dumaguete .

Comfy baby?

Comfy baby?

Hahaha...he 's wearing the Crocs slippers I gave him last year.

Hahaha…he ‘s wearing the Crocs slippers I gave him last year.

And Nissa says it is his favorite footwear at the moment. You look lost in that big chair 🙂

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