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I have several pictures that Nissa shared, some of them taken here  at home when they had an overnight stay two weeks ago. Every weekend when they are free, they bring Nate to visit places where he can enjoy and where they could relax just watching him experience things that he hasn’t done before.

What a child do to make you smile.

What a child does to make you smile.

We had fun, rather Nonna had more fun having Nate. Family Day over the weekend.

We had fun, rather Nonna had more fun having Nate around.  Family Day over the weekend.

So curious...so happy!

So curious…so happy!

Fun to the max.....

Fun to the max…..

Sometimes you wish you have the energy, the same degree of curiosity, and the urge and desire to experience same things like a child does – without fear, just a bunch of laughter and smiles.

Define f-u-n 🙂


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Oh...oh.....happy moments with Dad!

Oh…oh…..happy moments with Dad!

Love speaks in simple ways!

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Wow, is more adventurous than I am.

Wow, Nate is more adventurous than I am.

Nissa says he is more afraid of the birds  than holding  these up close. Our brave little boy, enjoying Sunday afternoon with his mom and dad.

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Two weeks ago they stayed here for  long weekend. That was the time that typhoon Mario brought heavy rains and flooded Metro Manila again. We woke up to the sound of  thunder and the lightning bolts making Nate cover his face while  saying “Nonna, Nonna”. He was sandwiched  on the bed between me  and Nissa yet he would not open his eyes, clearly afraid of the storm. Who wouldn’t be? Then the sudden deluge of rain kept us wide awake until morning. We have to transfer to our neighbor’s house when the flood waters reached our garage.  Though the scenario was frightening  (we have to transfer our things atop the raised bed), it was an opportunity to bond longer with the kids and with our neighbors who were like second family to us. Luckily, Nissa was on leave for work for two days and it was Josef’s rest day too. Nissa took some shots with Nate enjoying the company of  Jaden and Kurt. In between shouts of laughter, we were happy just seeing them play together.

Nate with jaden

Eating with gusto, a simple meal of pancit miki.

Eating with gusto, a simple meal of pancit miki.

Nissa cooked a packed of miki noodles with chicken the day after when we went back to the house. Look how Nate enjoyed a plate of it. He eats vegetables and anything that he finds “yummy”.  He prefers eating on his own with spoon and fork , a sign of independence for a toddler who hasn’t turned two yet. I miss  him though, I only get to talk to him in Viber once in a while. Hopefully this weekend, we’ll see each other again.



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