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bookworm Nate

I love these shots which I took of  Nate two weeks ago. Nissa brought along a story book when they came over for an overnight visit but when he saw my books at the night table, he smiled and said, “bok, bok” so I told him they are dusty. He immediately got one of his diapers and started wiping them while at the same time looking at the pictures on the cover pages. Another bookworm in the making. He is now careful in turning the pages, he finally learned that books are not toys. I can’t wait to see the day when he grows up and learns to read. I have this vision of  us going together to a bookstore and exploring more books  and buying  some favorites.

Now and then, we still talk through Viber, just shouting endless “I love you Nate” and “Nonna, Nonna”.


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Nate's ne pic...

And it’s quite hard now to make him pose for the camera, sometimes he makes faces.  There is really no dull moment when he is around. You’re on your toes except when he is asleep.

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