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I know you would probably ignore this. What’s a pair of slippers doing in my blog? It’s for our little guy of course. I loved how he danced, skipped and smiled while looking at himself in the full length mirror in our bedroom.  He is appreciative of everything you give him, proof that he is really growing up fast.


It’s a little too big yet for his tiny feet but he keeps wearing my bedroom slippers so I let him wear this. He was shouting “bear, bear” when he saw the designs embroidered in the pair. I bought him a pair of Crocs slippers too but it was designed for a two to three-year old so maybe he could use it next year. I keep reminding Nissa to always check  the gifts Nate received on his first birthday, she might forget that there are still more than a dozen shirts he has not worn yet, toys still unopened, and books that are just waiting for him to discover.

I was craving for something sweet  this morning so I baked a carrot cake. I could imagine Nate shouting  “yummy” if he were here.  That’s the only word he describes food, it is always yummy. It’s really a joy to see him enjoying vegetables in his meals  as long as they are not cooked dry.

The joys of being a grandma, priceless moments  to treasure.

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