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Yesterday, while Nate and I were playing, he saw the pile of books I purchased at BFL and he said, “bok, bok” while reaching out for a copy and he glanced at the cover then ran his hands on the pages. So I told him, “do you want me to read you a  story?”. He smiled so I started , “once upon a time…” he was all ears and when he heard his name, he laughed. That made my day!

I will buy him more children’s books when he learns to read. One more bookworm in the family 🙂

He picked up the computer mouse thrice, put it in his ear  and said “Ninong, ninong”, referring to Josef who was not around when they visited so I told him, “ninong is in the office”.

I told Nissa that we didn’t take pictures like we usually do when they come over to visit us so I said, it’s all in here, pointing to my heart, she laughed. Later she sent me a note on Viber. “I hope you had fun with Nate”. Of course, when Nate is around, everything is fun.

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