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I miss my darling Nate. I haven’t seen him since we visited the family before the  year 2013 ended.  Nissa says  he can walk straight now, not the kind of baby steps that he used to do. I always take photos every time we get to see each other,  and I haven’t  uploaded them here. The times he discovered that he can go up and down the bed on his own…priceless! He is getting to be more independent.



The last time we visited them and the last time they came over, his Ninong Josef has become a favorite.  Too bad they won’t be able to see each other often now because of the changed work schedule of his Ninong.




See what I mean?  Nissa says he is “makulit“. I told her  he is just starting to appreciate things, what he can do and what he is capable of.


We visited  the mall before Josef and I  went back home to meet the new year. Hopefully,they will visit us this coming Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing Nate again.

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