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It’s been a while since I last posted here. I haven’t seen Nate for almost a month now since Nissa is busy during the weekends preparing for his birthday next month. This morning, she called me up and said that Nate’s pictures taken by The Picture Company are in my inbox. I was really excited to see  everything – fancy shots, formal ones, they’re as wacky as Nate can get .  Talk of fun and creative portraits!

I asked Nissa how they motivate kids to smile, laugh and make faces and she said, they dance, make faces too to elicit something from babies to toddlers.  I downloaded 25 portraits of Nate and I plan to have them printed soon. there is nothing like a hard copy that you can see now and then without having to open your computer to take a look. I laughed out loud when I saw  these. I can’t imagine Nate being a rock star someday, a nerdy student maybe, just like his mom 🙂



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