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Gone are the days when it’s just a cry for want of milk or a little cuddle that makes your life, because  today you are officially an infant. Another stage in your life, another journey to traverse.  Time flies and I mean, you can now lift your head and roll over to your heart’s desires. I laughed out loud when your Mommy told me that you are practicing rolling over every day and responds to the sound of your name. You’re definitely growing so fast. And I guess it is time  to start on  those nursery rhymes and fairy tale books that I gave you and it’s time for those Brainy Baby DVDs that your Mommy bought earlier.

How amazing it is to discover something new everyday  – the time you laughed at yourself because you saw your image on the mirror while I was putting you to sleep, the moments  you keep your eyes alert to  your  crib mobile, the times you put yourself to sleep  just listening to the sound of your musical toy. Your own personality is emerging and I won’t be surprised if  you’ll be shouting Nonna to my ears in a few months.

God has blessed us with so much baby – you!  You’re three months old now, isn’t that great?

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