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Hmm….he was seriously  looking at his  dad  and listening. If he could speak he would probably say“Daddy, what am I gonna do with these?” referring to the rattles in his arms.


And his daddy said, “you’ll hear sounds when you shake them”. And as if he was in full understanding with what his daddy said, he smiled and  shouted “shake, shake, shake.”

So I have to document those precious moments on camera.




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I am trying my hand at taking close-up shots of Nate.  Here’s one. Yeay, our baby is two months old today. And when I think of what he’s been through during the early days of his life, I could only marvel at God’s goodness. He now listens to conversations and responds in his own language. And Nissa taught him that saying “I love you Nate” are the perfect words because he always has that nice smile every time he hears them.

Love you so much baby. Happy two months 🙂

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