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Son and I went grocery shopping today. It’s his day off and I need him to drive me to the supermarket. We were about to leave the house when I suddenly remembered that it’s a “color coding” day for our car. Better leave it home or take the risk of  being stopped by the traffic police for violation, in case we get home beyond the time allowed.

I don’t know about you but I do enjoy doing the groceries, reading labels, checking nutrition facts, being careful of the expiry dates and such. It’s so relaxing to take one’s time doing all these. I have my list of course so it would be easier to get items that we really need. When one goes out though, you always overshoot the expenses no matter how careful you are not to pick items which are not included in your list. It’s one of the joys of grocery-shopping, seeing an item that you want to buy.

My feet took me to the infant/baby section of the store where lots of baby formula, disposable diapers, baby wipes and what-nots were on display. At first I was in a quandary what to buy there but at the back of my mind, I thought of my five-week-old grandson.  Diapers? Yes,  but what brand?  And what size?  What a major problem…hahaha! Anyway, I bought him the Huggies brand – small size that fits a 3-7 kl. baby. Next was baby wipes, Nissa has plenty of these but I still bought a big box of Johnson’s. Accidents do happen sometimes, right? And when you are on the road or a public place with a baby, you need plenty of these.  Josef  laughed when I showed him what I bought. So Nate’s needs are now part of our shopping list. I remember those days when Josef and Nissa  were still young and my feet would often take me to the department store to buy some supplies but almost always, I would end up buying something for them both.

I’ve done some readings on what to expect when a baby is about five weeks old. Would you believe that a baby at that age could now recognize sounds like your off-key singing, the sounds of barking dogs or a radio in the background, but most specially the sound of your voice which  somehow soothes him to sleep?  And when he is able to listen to the kind of music that he was familiar with while in utero, he would recognize it.  I bought Nate a musical TV last Christmas  with the music “It’s A Small World (After All)” and a book of fairy tales which Nissa is using now to read to him. I want to buy more books for him one of these days.

So this is how it’s like to be a Nonna. And I love the days when he is here.

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