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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Thank you WordPress. This blog is only fifty days old and yet it has gained this much. I am happy 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Nate was exactly five-week old when he was christened yesterday at Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish Church with six pairs of godparents who are close friends and relatives of Obet and Nissa.  I guess he was the youngest baby among  little kids and babies baptized yesterday.  He was asleep for almost four hours and we all laughed when he briefly opened his eyes when  the priest baptized him then went to sleep again and stayed asleep for an hour more when we reached the house.  

I love how he smiles  even when his eyes are closed and when you talk to him, he trains his eyes on you as if he could see clearly.  I know that at his age, he can only see blurred visions of black and white and his pediatrician  says that red is also a good color to stimulate babies.

Here are the pictures I took before, during and after his christening. His Tito Josef  took videos of the whole rites even while Nate was taking a bath. Lots of memories for our dear baby Nate.

(Please click each picture to enlarge)

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Today marks the start of our baby’s Christian life when he was baptized this morning   at Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish Church  in Manila. I can’t help but take pictures of his christening gown.  I took lots  actually – before, during and after the ceremony. This could be a family heirloom for Nissa and Obet and the future Isidro kids if they will be blessed with more children. This is actually designed for a baby boy but one can always replace the cute necktie with flowers or ribbons for girls.




It’s done in Ecru complete with a cute baby bonnet and a set of booties. And  here’s how our baby looks in it. I took  this inside the church, he was asleep the whole time  but that is an altogether different story.


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If Nate could talk right now, he’ll probably ask, “Don’t you get tired of taking pictures of me Nonna?” And Nonna would say, “Be a good boy Nate, I don’t even have your album yet”. Hahaha!

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Time flies! Nate  is one month old today. Since I can’t go to their place and visit him (because he has a check-up with his pediatrician) I am posting some pictures which I took the other day.  He has grown!

One Month1

I am definitely envious of those long eyelashes. They look so prominent despite the fact that  he is barely a month old.

Nate pa rin

And he seemed to be saying, “ I am listening Nonna, I promise I’ll be a good boy.”   In all the pictures that I took of him, he has this same look of rapt attention, staring directly at the camera. Nissa told me that he only cries when he is hungry.

Happy 1st Month baby, we all love you 🙂

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It is simply amazing  to hold a baby in your arms and observe keenly the different facial expressions that only an innocent child could do, it makes you feel that you are holding the most lovely gift from God. Indeed, our baby Nate is the most precious gift that God gave us. One can’t deny the feeling of overflowing love  and the sense of wonder that a baby brings into one’s life.

I haven’t seen Nate for almost three weeks since we brought him back to the hospital last November 30,  until yesterday, that is! And what a lovely day it was, being able to hug and hold him again. Never mind that it felt so awkward to hold a baby in your arms after almost three decades. My youngest is twenty-eight years old now. And that’s how long it took  me to lovingly hold a baby again in my arms – my dear Nate, you are so adorable.

I took several pictures of course and I am learning how to focus my camera  on him, crying his heart out as if he is starved for good, smiling that somehow naughty smile, staring at the camera as if he can see what it looks like to be photographed, that certain expression of listening intently while you are talking. Believe me, he can hear them all. Babies learn it in the womb and they have that amazing ability to distinguish a mother’s voice (which they’ve listened  to for several months) and that of people who soothingly speak and tell stories.


Just as we communicate through handshakes and handholding, babies need loving touches. I can’t resist taking this shot while Nate was holding my hand yesterday. The tender grip of an innocent child – the loving contact of hands that simply say, I love you baby. They say that touch is our first language and babies need to be touched lovingly because they are comforted by it. Just as we long for those hugs and kisses from our loved ones, they also feel secure when you are holding them in your arms.

I really took more pictures of baby Nate.  Who wouldn’t? There was a picture of Nissa and Nate together in her camera. Would you believe that since he was born, this was the only time that they were together in one frame? You see, Nonna  is really excited.


I actually cried upon seeing those needle marks on his feet. Nissa and I laughed when she pointed those long toes  of Nate, they have almost the same length. How could one be amused by simple things like a baby’s toes? We are!

He’ll be one-month old tomorrow. Love you baby.

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Tomorrow, my son  Josef and I are going back to Tondo to visit my grandson who’s been home from the hospital since Saturday. We originally planned to have them (my daughter and her family) stay here but they decided that it would be better for them to stay  with my son-in-law’s family for practical reasons. They’re nearer the hospital and nearer Nate’s doctor.  We’re still looking for a reliable “yaya”  and nowadays, it is so hard to find someone whom you could trust. Sometimes, household helpers are more demanding than their employers.

I was surprised last night when Josef brought home a brand-new Sony Handycam and he said that he bought it for Nate. He wants to take videos and pictures of  our baby when they come for a visit after  probably a month or two.  He told me to read the instruction manual and experiment on taking videos.  I told him, in jest, that I would not exchange my Canon Ixus 120 IS for a Sony and he laughed and said “you’ll appreciate it once you get familiar with it.” Oh well, what’s one more gadget to experiment on. Here’s how it looks.


I played with the Muzy.com application  ( a new blog platform) for those pictures that one wants to keep.  I am looking for a site where I could maintain all our photos on Nate. Photobucket which I presently use is of course another option and one  can privatize those shots that you don’t want to share with everyone.

Nate's Christmas tree

This is supposed to look like a Christmas tree but it turned out  highly compressed. There is always a first try.

Nate ulit

Don’t worry baby, I’ll take more than enough pictures of you tomorrow. I am just so excited to see you and hug you again.

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In behalf of my daughter and son-in-law, I would like to thank everyone who prayed for the speedy recovery of our baby Nate. He is home now with Obet’s family but I am not complaining because even if there was  a change of plans, I am sure it would be for the best. I am of the same thought that he be near his pediatrician.
Big thanks go  to Dr. Ramon Arcadio, Nate’s pediatrician who took care of  him  for three weeks while he was confined at NICU at Manila Doctors’ Hospital. THANK GOD for people who still value the well-being of their patients more than what they can earn out of it. Thank you Dr. Arcadio, you have a heart of gold. Thank you for taking care of our precious Nate. I hope there’ll be more like you in this world.

See you soon baby, I love you!



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I know, I know, you would probably say that it is pretty normal for newborn infants to ball their fist like this. But to me seeing our baby Nate doing it is symbolic of what he is presently going through right now.  Our baby is a fighter. We’ll get through  this baby and you’ll come home healthy as can be. I can’t forget the night we have to rush him back to the hospital a day after we brought him home because he had fever, which we later learned from his pediatrician  was still the effect of  sepsis which he acquired when he was born. Infection to any baby for that matter is not something you just take for granted. So he has to undergo another round of antibiotics for fourteen days. Supposedly today would be his last two days at the hospital.


He is sleeping peacefully still in his favorite pose, despite the IV attached to  his left hand.  Despite all this, he has gained weight and can now consume at least more  ounces of milk in one feeding. My daughter still continue to breastfeed via milk extraction.


My daughter and I shared a joke  when she sent me these pictures. And she told me, “That face looks so familiar Mom” and I said “It’s Josef when he was that small”. Josef is my bunso (youngest). And when he came home and saw the pictures, he reacted and smiled and said “guwapo”.


Ah, baby, I love you! I love that shy smile. I love those eyes that seem to say, “Don’t worry too much Nonna, I’ll come home soon”.  How I wish you could stay here with us as we originally planned but you have to be near your doctor so you will have to stay at your other lola’s place.  If only we are near enough, I would try to visit you everyday so I would not miss all those moments in your young life. I miss cuddling and hugging you baby.


See you, see you soon Nate. God be with you always. You are precious to us all and I can’t wait to see the day when you  can whisper “I love you Nonna” to my ears.

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